Wednesday, 7 October 2015

What makes Colored Contacts turn Cloudy?

Several factors can make your circle contacts cloudy or hazy. Usually, circle contacts are fogged up due to improper handling. Before you check on other things; make sure you have got a pharmacy made contact lens multi-purpose solution to deep cleanse, soak & lubricate your lenses. A pragmatic approach to contact lens disinfection reduces contamination in colored lenses. Moreover, it also helps prevent contact lens related injuries.

Following factors may contribute to cloudy contacts:
  1. Protein & lipid debris & buildup
  2. Latched foreign agents
  3. Contact Lens deterioration
  4. Crazy weather
Protein & Lipid Debris

If you have already been cleansing your lenses the said way but your contacts fail to provide the crisp vision; most probably it is your contact lens solution that should be held accountable for. Only use a multi-purpose solution for complete disinfection. Tear film in eyes enable contact lenses to float. It also keeps flushing the irritants out; however protein & lipid debris’ accumulation in the film, turn contacts cloudy or hazy. People with vigorous life pattern for instance athletes and those working in an open environment & or fields must focus on thorough contact lens cleansing through ultrasonic cleansers.

Latched Foreign Objects

Foreign objects such as dust particles from the air, have a tendency to attach themselves to the microscopic grooves found in contact lenses. This leads to the contact lens contamination which leaves eyes irritated & inflamed. The accumulation of foreign particles including pollen and pollutants superficially damage colored contacts due to which they appear hazy or blurry.

Contact Lens Deterioration

When colored lenses are worn for over the extended period of time they become blurry. Circle lenses that are compromised may have been damaged due to the notches, tucks, or nips. These may not be visible to the naked eye, but they pose potentially sight-searing threats. Don’t ever wear contacts past their expiry.

Crazy Weather

Weather changes also affect contact lenses. Though circle contacts withstand weather changes better than glasses; you might notice temporary haziness or irritation due to sudden contamination. Regular rinsing should relieve the discomfort though.

Long story short, it is safe to deduce that deep cleansing of colored contacts should buzz off the casual haziness. Additionally, be very careful of keeping your contact lens cases clean & sanitized to safeguard your eyes completely. 


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