Thursday, 15 October 2015

Cute & Creepy: Phantasee Mini Sclera Orbitron & Nico Yazawa Wig

These crazy patterned lenses along with Nico Yazawa wig help transforming you into a wild & beasty personality. These mini sclera features prominent veins on the iris that add a creepy touch to one's personality. Phantasee Mini Sclera Orbitron lenses are 4 tone 17mm diameter lenses with 38% water content. These lenses are lucid & bright. Because they are mini sclera lenses the enlargement as expected is huge and dramatic. 

Unlike other crazy lenses; they are not as over-powering as you might expect. They make your eyes appear sharp & shrill, yet the subtle hues make them easy going for both Halloween & casual routine. The lenses create a lucid contrast against shiny black Nico Yazawa wig. The wig boasts 100% heat resistant synthetic locks. Due to the twin buns; this wig make you look cute and youthful. Nico Yazawa short wig is natural look and thus selling like hot cakes. 

" In the product picture they looked bright white and creepy, but in reality they were way more natural looking. Though, they look absolutely trippy in their own way because of the big size and the beautiful white outer ring that makes my eyes look very dolly"; says Roseshock in her Orbitron Sclera review

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