Friday, 9 October 2015

Can I Wear Circle Lenses Straight from the Vials?

Circle lenses are required to be soaked in the soaking solution before the first wear. Circle contacts should not be worn right out of the vials as they come floating in isotonic sterile solution & needed to be oxidized before you insert them in eyes.

The isotonic solution is commonly known as saline solution. It is a composition of NaCl, Hydrogen per oxide, buffering agents & some preservatives. It is suggested by manufacturers that contacts should be soaked in the given solution for minimum of the 6 hours. Soaking them overnight makes the lenses soft, supple, moist & comfortable to wear.

Circle contacts do not necessarily need to be disinfected prior to first use. A simple rinse through sterile saline solution is enough. Contrarily, some people find stinging sensation when contact lenses are not soaked in the multi-purpose solution but in the same solution they came floating in. This happens as some of the preservatives in the isotonic solution may trigger allergic response. To neutralize the circle contacts, it is wise to soak & store them in the multi-purpose solution because it is safe to go in your eyes as well as to keep your lenses moist & comfortable.

After the first wear, you will be needing to disinfect your lenses after each wear. No rub solution or multi-purpose solution keeps your lenses free from protein & lipid debris. This way; every morning you get a clear & fresh pair of lenses that ensure crisp vision. 

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