Monday, 12 October 2015

Keep these Things Away if You Wear Contact Lenses

People who are visually impaired should be very concerned and careful if they wear contact lenses for vision correction. Doctors warn to keep medical supplies away from the children. Consider it the similar warning. Keep your contact lens accessories including eye drops etc. at a decent distance from your craft/nail art supplies. Recently, a woman caused stir in international media as she accidentally instilled nail glue instead of eye drops in haze. The aftermath as expected was tremendously horrible.

Katie Gaydos, from Florida; got something blown into her eyes by an unfortunate turn of the fate. Being visually impaired; she couldn’t locate her eye drops in her purse, thus asked someone else to help her finding it. As presumed; the guy couldn’t discriminate between eye drops and the glue used to apply “press-on” nails. Katie; hence got her eyelid completely sealed with an abrupt yet continuous stream of tears that pushed her into screaming sight-searing pain.

Gaydos, due to being unemployed couldn’t pay her medical bills and continued to wander miserably in streets with one eye completely shut. Fortunately, after catching the limelight she was invited to the same hospital for free treatment. It has been deduced that Gaydos is on the verge of quick recovery and is expected to get everything in order soon.

Reading her story you should make immediate changes if you keep nail glue and contact lens accessories in the same place. To avoid mix-ups keep your medicines & cosmetics at different shelves or in different pockets if you carry in your bag. Being warned is being armed, remember? 

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