Monday, 5 October 2015

DIY Eye Test: Now Contact Lens Users can take an Eye Exam at Home

Avid users of contact lenses may better realize the importance of a valid prescription & eye exam. Unfortunately, eye exams are often ignored as patients find it an annoying practice to physically visit the eye care’s office. Thus, to make the entire process hassle-free, “Opternative” a new website-aiming at improving one’s eye health has established an innovative online eye exam where your lap top & your smartphone rules.

People who wear contact lenses must stay vigilant about how their eyes perform under different circumstances. Even a minor change in prescription may lead to headaches, pain in temples, heavy eyelids etc. Dr. Jeremy Ciano explained the importance of regular eye exams on World’s sight day. He emphasized that being into the practice of eye check-ups can help improve the sight of even those with 20/20 vision. With Opternative eye test you only need to spend roughly 25 minutes & $30 for your prescription.

The eye exam does not let you wander in vacuum. From stage one to stage last; there are real brains working behind the concept. The test monitors your vision just like a usual eye doctor performs an eye test. You are asked to focus on the different objects, numbers & shapes that slide onto your laptop’s screen whereas your smartphone serves like a remote control that you use to enter your data. A real life optometrist then analyze your prescription & issues you one to help you make your selection for different modes of vision correction.

The test entertains people under 18 to 40 years. Whilst the DIY eye exam is convenient & straightforward; you must visit your eye care provider at least once in a year. As per the stats there are over 40 million people who wear contact lenses but little they do know about the risk of infections they are possibly at. Only a doctor might be able to diagnose & treat eye related discomfort caused by dryness, digital strain or by improper & unhygienic practices of contact lenses. Contact lens follow-ups help ruling out the underlying threats that may run havoc in future. Fortunately, 90% of the eye problems can be treated, prevented or cured. The best bet however remains the “Prevention”. Always keep a valid contact lens prescription in your arsenal; and you will never regret!

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