Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Why do My Contact Lenses Keep Splitting?

Contact lenses are a good and safe alternate to glasses for people who need vision correction. Though glasses are avoided by many people as they can fall off and break, contact lenses sometimes also go through the same mishaps in certain conditions. Contact lenses may split due to several reasons with one being the improper environment they are stored in. If your contact lenses keep splitting, check on the following factors and try to prevent them the next time you handle your circle contact lenses.
  1. If you are a beginner you might have been pinching your circle lenses too harshly whilst removing them. Seek help from elder siblings or from your parents on how to handle contact lenses or watch tutorials at you tube.
  2. If circle lenses are not well-hydrated they will split. Change lens solution every night whether or not you are wearing them. This limits splitting in contact lenses due to dryness. Remember contact lenses once dried; should not be inserted in eyes again. It is very rare of them to regain the size and shape they were in.
  3. Always take note that your nails are properly trimmed. Foil them to get rid of sharp and jagged edges as these can tear your contact lenses
  4. When you put your contacts back in their respective chambers of the case, be very careful that they are floating in the solution. Sometimes contact lenses can get caught when you screw the lid up.
  5. Last but not the least; always carry eye drops with you more if you are a patient of dry eyes syndrome. If your eyes are not lubricated enough to hold lenses, chances are they will split right in your eyes.
  6. Don’t wear your contact lenses past their expiry. Wearing them for too long may tear contacts.

If you have been already doing all but circle contacts keep splitting; you should better meet your eye care practitioner. Perhaps you need monthly disposable or daily disposable contacts than annually disposable lenses.

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