Monday, 8 June 2015

Makeup Tutorial: Super Sonico Cosplay with Dolly Eye Celeb Super Nudy Pink & Super Sonico Wig

Super Sonico has lovely, peachy pastel two tone pink hair. The anime has got alluring pink eyes that are huge & dolly. Pink is an unnatural color but if you are into anime & manga, pink might be one of your favorite color. Dolly Eye Celeb Super Nudy pink are though transparent and kind of clear, they stay lovely pink against light colored eyes. They are bright thus make your eyes sparkle. The outer limbal ring that is black creates a stunning contrast with the pink hue. 

Super Sonico cosplay wig is soft with bangs needing to be trimmed. The lower layers are soft peachy-pink whereas the upper layer of the wig is dull pink. "It fit well and had adjustable straps for different head sizes. It also didn't get too tangled through out the day and night of cosplaying."

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Check out the makeup tutorial of Super Sonico Cosplay

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