Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Switch to Monthly Disposable Circle Lenses during summer

During sweltering summer, there are far more chances of bacteria composition on contact lenses. The blazing hot season is already linked with wreaking havoc on your skin, hair, body and above all eyes. Contact lenses if are not meticulously cared for may aggravate the risks of ocular infections. During summer; “hay fever” is already on the peak that induces ocular discharge and painful irritation. The discharge is responsible for contact lens contamination; requiring the contact lenses to be tossed off as frequently as possible. To reduce the CLIDs, it is suggested to replace your annual replacement contact lenses with monthly disposable contact lenses.

Since monthly disposable contact lenses do not get enough time for the development of bio-film, they are subjected to increase contact lens tolerance. Furthermore, monthly disposable contact lenses offer countless other benefits that have taken the contact lens industry by storm. They remain moist even if your own lipid layer & tear chemistry is disturbed. They are often high in water content to keep your eyes hydrated. However, the use of Rohto C Cube eye drops along with monthly disposable contact lenses may make it easier to tolerate contact lenses.

They are easy to maintain. The cleaning & disinfection is done the same usual way, you clean your regular contact lenses. The thing that makes them different is the duration. Instead of 12 months, you pop open a new pair of contact lenses every month or every 3 months to make sure optimum hygiene.

If you have sensitive eyes or you are prone to infections and allergies during summer, doctors advise to wear monthly disposable contact lenses such as Geolica Holicat series. Don't forget to share your experience with us to help others learn & appreciate the goodness.

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