Friday, 19 June 2015

Eye Popping Beuberry MI Lenses: Brown &Grey

These alluring vibrant series ensure you the tons of gazes. Beuberry MI grey and brown circle lenses are super exciting lenses that turn all eyes into fun colors. They are strong, intense, vivacious and enticing. With Beuberry MI lenses you get huge dolly eyes that would bewitch others with their intricate design and bold impact. 

Beuberry MI brown lenses appear orangish-hazel against dark brown eyes. The warmth provided by these circle lenses is worth dying for. They make your eyes look huge and make them pop out. On the other hand Beuberry MI grey lenses help you doll-up yourself since they really create an illusion of innocent and large dolly eyes. 

With 55% water content; they ensure maximum comfort. However they can be a bit drying if you suffer from dry eye problems. Please use them with Rohto C Cube eye drops.

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