Saturday, 20 June 2015

Deep Dolly Eye Crystal.i Blue

These dolly soft blue lenses enlarge your eyes naturally whereas the way they blend to your eyes make them look even more natural. Dolly Eye Crystal.i blue circle lenses are cold marine blue that decently add your eyes a new color.

Dolly Eye Crystal.i grey are comfortable. They are not huge pops of bright color - but that’s exactly why I wanted them.  They look very natural, even on lighter eyes.  My eyes are green, and the interior blended into my irises very well.  Even up close it looks pretty good.Overall I thought these were very cute without being overly cutesy.  They would be very good for crossplay, or any costume where you want enlargement and good quality color without it being over the top.  Just be aware that you are not going to get a lot of enlargement or an intense blue out of them.

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