Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Can I wear Ripped/Torn Contact Lenses?

Can I wear Ripped/Torn Contact Lenses?

The question should not be whether you can wear torn contact lenses or not; but rather it should be why on earth would you want to wear ripped contact lenses? This is definitely a bad idea; hence must not be given a second thought.

Contact lenses and circle lenses are water-loving medical devices. When they are deprived of enough moisture they turn dry which results in ripping them. Contact lenses though if not touched in their dry state; can retain the prior position when lubricated using multi-purpose solution. After; re-lubricating them, always inspect them closely for any scratches, cuts, notches & rips on the surface before attempting to wear them again. However; we warn you to wear such circle lenses that have been dried out even once.

What happens if I wear Torn Contact Lenses?

According to Dr. Andrew Shatz; certified Ophthalmologist “Torn contacts have sharp edges that can scratch the eye. This can in turn allow bacteria from the contact or eye surface to get under the skin and cause a serious eye infection. Do not use a torn contact lens”

Torn circle contacts cause severe stinging, burning sensation which sometimes may lead to potential damages such as corneal abrasions. One must avoid wearing circle contact lenses with any type of flaws in it since we all are aware of the fact that contact lenses are far more than mere fashion accessories. They are medical devices and should be dealt accordingly. It is advised to toss your torn/dried circle contact lenses immediately to prevent mixing them up with fresh pair of contact lenses.

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