Thursday, 18 June 2015

Infection Alert: Hurry Replacing your Contact Lens Case

Eyes are important and so are contact lenses. Contact lenses are not just a fad but a daily life utility. Contact lenses have greater purposes to serve than just personality grooming. Prescription contact lenses have been helping people with various ocular diseases and vision impairments. More than a fashion accessory, contact lenses should be dealt as medical devices. Avid users of contact lenses take great concern when it is about disinfecting contact lenses and handling them but what they neglect is a contact lens case. A contact lens case is an evil bed of germs that if not replaced on time may lead to a painful eye condition known as “Keratitis”.

Contact lens cases should be replaced every 3 months and more frequently if with the onset of summer you begin suffering from ocular allergies. During summer, doctors receive more patients of dry eye syndrome than any other season. Since the lipid layer that is responsible to prevent tears drying quickly is disturbed in summer, eyes get drier & make it intolerable to wear contact lenses. During such conditions bacteria accumulation is fastened up. What worse, ocular infections are often contagious this is why one should never share contact lenses with friends.

When these bacterial infected contact lenses are soaked in the same grubby contact lens cases over the period of time, the multiplication of bacteria happens that is more devastating than you could imagine. The bio-film; that is a slimy layer can be easily detected on the contact lens cases & is a proof of contact lens case’s contamination.

Complimentary lens cases with your each purchase of contact lenses come in handy but they shouldn’t be totally relied upon. Get good quality contact lens cases that hold solution better and are leakage free for prevention from horrific diseases. Prevention is better than cure.

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