Friday, 19 June 2015

Skin Care: 3 Everyday Things that are Disastrous to your Skin

Courtesy: Martina Dimoska

We all know that germs are everywhere and they are more devastating to skin than one could imagine. One can be cautious enough to handle faucets, toiletries and similar sanitary products they know about being harbor places of bacteria. However, we never pay attention to our glasses, mobile phones and pillow cases. Do we?

Watch out! Your Glasses are Germs-Infested

Like every other thing that comes in to contact with your skin collect sweat and germs, glasses that you wear with style also are highly infested with bacteria. The deposition of sebum from skin on to the frames and nose piece facilitates bacteria growth- The next time you wear frames; germs are transferred to your skin causing excessive acne. There is a likelihood of breakout in summer when the climate is more humid. Ditch your glasses with contact lenses and stay away from everyday hassles.

Your Mobile Phone is Acting Enemy to your Skin

Mobile phone probably is the most loved device that you often press against your cheeks. Since mobile phones cannot be washed, they keep accumulating the bacteria. Ever noticed, how frantically you leave the traces of your foundation and compact powder on your mobile’s screen every time you listened to a phone call?

Don’t be careless or else be ready for your skin being wrecked. Disinfect your mobile phones using anti-bacterial wipes at least once a week. If this sounds impractical; try using ear buds or speaker when responding to a call.

Your Own Face

It should not come as a surprise that your own face is collecting dirt, smoke and bacteria from the polluted environment. Merely washing it with soap and water does not help. You need to take many steps forward for pristine cleansing. Always wash your face off every time you come home with a foaming facial wash.

Cleanliness is the key for flawless skin. Medical experts opine that staying in AC chilled building leaves your skin dry whereas it also is a major source of transferring bacteria onto your skin. If on the other hand, you are a clean freak; take our word you are covered.

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