Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A Risk that Contact Lens Wearers Take on Regular Basis

Have you been wearing contact lenses since your teens? Have you been just recently diagnosed with vision problem and are suggested to wear contact lenses to help eradicate the impairment? Contact lenses are undoubtedly a safer and a convenient option than clunky glasses but unlike glasses, contact lenses need meticulous handling & care. An average contact lens user would wash hands before handling contact lenses, take care of disinfecting them but what they forget about is the “virtual petri dish of germs” i.e. contact lens cases; as put by Susan Resnick, a New York based Optometrist.

Contact lens cases are themselves the potential reservoirs of germs. They have been classified as the breeding bed of germs and thus must be replaced every 3 months. It has been observed that consumers usually neglect replacing the contact lens cases and bear risk of ocular injuries.

Complimentary lens case

The complimentary contact lens case that you get with each purchase is not efficient enough to hold the solution. It often leaks which may turn contact lenses dry and brittle. Replacing your complimentary contact lens case with good quality cases are a good way to minimize the risk factors. 
Because over the course of time, these cheap plastic chambers develop a bio-film that nourishes bacteria and facilitates accumulation of bacteria. Therefore, it is suggested to at least cleanse & disinfect contact lens cases once in a week and let them air dry with caps off & tops facing down.

A good quality lens case is better able to hold solution & contact lenses safe.
Neglecting to replace contact lens cases may lead to serious health hazards. In some cases it may transfer bacteria and other germs to contact lenses which as a result infect your eyes. Therefore, say good bye to the clumsy attitude towards contact lenses & the cases that are responsible to keep your lenses secure!

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