Friday, 26 June 2015

Brown & Grey Natural Looking Dolly Colors: Eyevelyn Choco & Dizon Eye Grey Lenses

Wearing Geolica Eyevelyn

Brown and grey are the two colors that can be relied and trusted upon blindly. These two colors of circle lenses blend nicely against all of the eye colors without being overwhelming. Brown circle lenses tend to enhance the beauty one may already have; whereas grey circle lenses ensures a sweet color-change effect. Grey also help you cast steely & mysterious gazes. Dolly Eye Dizon Eye grey has a beautiful natural pattern. It fades into nothing as the pattern spreads towards the pupil. They are kind of plain grey circle lenses. Similarly, Geolica Eyevelyn brown circle lenses follow the same lines. They also tend to create softer looking natural dolly eyes since the color fuses nicely with a soft transition. 

Eyevelyn Choco

Dizon Grey

Both the circle lenses have just the moderate enlargement effect that keep your eyes look natural. They are perfect for day to day life and can be worn with minimal makeup. Read the detailed review of Geolica Eyevelyn Choco & Dolly Eye Dizon Eye grey

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