Saturday, 20 June 2015

Aoba Seragaki Cosplay with Dramatical Murder Blue Wig

Aoba wears his hair in a unique way. His hair is messy and teased from at the crown till the nape where the hair gradually starts to fade from a deep sparkling blue to lighter blue. Aoba cosplay wig is perfectly styles and cut. The wig literally does not require any styling tools as it is already what you are paying for.

"Aoba's hair is often portrayed as light or quite dark, and it usually comes down to personal preference of the cosplayer which is preferred. I lean toward the lighter locks and this is perfect, the blue is so consistant and bright, and yet doesn't completely wash out my completion, with or without makeup. It also makes my light coloured eyes pop! And once again, the ombre feature, (where the hair lightens) is perfect! Where it begins, the shade, seriously. 10/10."

Find more about Aoba cosplay wig here 

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