Thursday, 18 June 2015

3 Things you must avoid with Contact Lenses

Martina Dimoska

Being warned is being armed. Contact lenses need meticulous care & handling. There are certain contraindications with contact lenses that must be prevented. Some bad hygiene practices make your eyes susceptible to infectious diseases and may be responsible to infest your contact lenses with bacteria accumulation. Please practice good hygiene and avoid the following bad habits in order to maintain exemplary ocular standards.

Rubbing Eyes with Contact Lenses

When your eyes are irritated or inflamed; rubbing them vigorously feels tempting. Contrary to this; rubbing your eyes actually worsens the infection & cause abrasions. It wreaks more havoc when you are wearing contact lenses. Aggressive rubbing can tear contact lenses & cause ocular injuries.

Over-using Eye Drops

Artificial tears and lubricating eye drops help relieve the symptoms of irritation. However, over-using non-prescription eye drops are not less than a threat to your eyes. These eye drops though instantly soothe dry irritated eyes, it is recommended to observe caution. Since eye drops contains preservatives that may be harmful to the cornea when used in excess; American Academy of Ophthalmology suggests keeping a good balance between the two doses of eye drops.

Smoking and Contact Lenses

With each cigarette you smoke you welcome 7000 hazardous chemicals into your blood stream. They restrict blood-flow to retina which turns eyes drier and blood-shot. Since contact lenses also block oxygen permeability to some extent, smoking furthermore deprives eyes of its enough oxygen supply.

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