Tuesday, 9 June 2015

How Wigs help you Protect your Hair from Summer Damage

During summer, where we love to boast our bikini bodies we forget nothing but our hair. We would not hesitate to slather sun block over all our bodies, but what we neglect is hair. During summer, hair is twice vulnerable to sun rays than skin because unlike skin that has its own moisture & protein supply to work for, hair is dead- so once moisture is gone- it is gone. Synthetic wigs fortunately can save you from havoc. They provide an absolute personality enhancement and protect your hair from sun damage, salt & chlorine water of the pool & beach.

During sizzling hot season, hair becomes horrifically dehydrated as it loses moisture; locked in the roots. Due to dryness; hair shafts turn frizzy, wispy & unmanageable. Hair become so prone to damage that even minor styling through the use of hair sprays, mousses & hot iron does more gross than good. Streaking & dyeing hair in summer completely drench the moisture out of your tresses, and as a result you see breakage, split ends & lack-lustrous dry hair.

Benefits of Wearing Synthetic Wigs in summer

Synthetic wigs have over-whelming benefits especially in summer.
  1. Synthetic wigs protect your hair under the wig cap & prevent the damage that is bound to happen due to vicious sun rays.
  2. Sun rays rip hair of its natural oils in summer which makes it irreparable. Wearing synthetic wigs with a wig cap beneath keep your natural hair line protected and your hair healthy & shiny.
  3. Synthetic wig also protect your hair from the sand, and humidity your hair might have to battle with at the beach or in the pool.
  4. Synthetic wig also saves you time, money & energy. Simply put a synthetic wig on and get yourself a new stunning look without having to dye your hair with harsh chemicals & elements.
  5. If you have your hair already damaged, a quality synthetic wig can help you hiding your rough locks under a wig. Synthetic wigs also keep your natural hair safe from environmental pollution & traffic smoke.

Experts opine nothing can be done to repair the damaged hair. The best practice is to avoid direct sunlight & none can be your best pal than a good synthetic wig when you are stuck in the blind alley at a scorching sunny day!

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