Monday, 22 June 2015

Short Wig with Twin Tails: Akuma No Riddle Ichinose Wig

Wigs that come with tails or buns have dual benefits. You can concoct various novel looks with such wigs. For instance, Akuma No Riddle-Ichinose cosplay wig boasts twin tails that can be separated if you wish to wear only the wig base. The wig is pink-mixed with rough fibers that prevent the fake plastic shine. With twin tails on, you get a Kawaii look. On the other hand, if you aim to create a guy-ish look; you are free to separate the wig tails. 

The color and the style of the wig is beautiful. Though unnatural, the wig is perfect for character transformation & for cosplays. Akuma No Riddle cosplay wig also tends to do wonders when you are just in fun mood with friends! Check out real life photos of Ichinose cosplay wig

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