Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Why do My Eyes Burn in summer with Contact Lenses?

Dryness is not confined to winter only. It is more troublesome in blazing summer where the harmful UV rays rip your hair & your facial tissues of its moisture. Not only do the scorching sun burn your body & hair but eyes also. Next to the eyelashes, there is a duct that is supposed to secret thin oil layer over your tear film to prevent it from drying too quickly. In summer, when the tear film is disturbed; eyes turn dry, red or show other signs of inflammation. Wearing contact lenses during eye dryness aggravates the inflammation & an excruciating pain is felt.

The thin protective oil layer along with the tear film helps swift blinking and clear vision. Therefore, when the chemistry is disturbed, eyes turn dry making it impossible for the contact lenses to float smoothly over your eye balls. When contact lenses are inserted in dry eyes; they may induce a stinging or burning sensation which can be relieved by the use of pharmacy eye drops. Keeping eyes moist in summer should be religiously practiced.

Contact lenses slightly disturb the tear film and contact lenses with high water content turn eyes dry quickly. Using eye drops with contact lenses is crucial to maintain the moisture level in eyes. Contact lenses also demote oxygen transmission this is why eyes become dry. In summer, contact lens associated problems turn severe as the UV rays do the deteriorating job. Therefore, one must be very careful about ocular care in summer. Contact lenses are usually not a problem; but if something troubles you, you must avoid it until you get back to your perfect health. 

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