Monday, 22 June 2015

I.Fairy Moonlight Yellow Circle Lenses to Compliment J-Fasion Wardrobe

I.Fairy is known for the big eye circle lenses. The brand carries circle lenses with diameter 16mm and above. The specialty of I.Fairy is the supreme level of comfort they ensure despite being bigger in diameter. I.Fairy Moonlight yellow circle lenses are astonishingly vibrant & solid. The effect against dark brown eyes is super seducing and vivacious. 

I.Fairy Moonlight yellow circle lenses grab huge attention. The pattern is kind of plain yet it never stops to lure. These circle lenses are fit for J-fashion wardrobe and cosplays. "The most amazing thing is the lovely design (which is great on dark eyes!) and the super amazing and bright yellow color, I already have some yellow lenses but this pair is just the most yellow I have! They're great both for cosplay and j-fashion looks and of course the prescription is available!"; says Vanilla syndrome in her I.Fairy Moonlight yellow review 

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