Thursday, 25 June 2015

Why does My Synthetic Wig Keep Sliding?

A perfect synthetic wig is adjustable and should fit almost all average heads without being too loose or too tight. Fidgeting of a wig is clear enough to evaluate that the wig is not your size. If it causes headache, your wig probably is too tight. If on the other hand synthetic wig keeps sliding up; there may be two reasons:
  1. The wig is too loose
  2. Your natural hair is unbelievably thick to provide a firm base

  • In case your synthetic wig keeps sliding up, the first thing you should do is to take note of the wig cap’s circumference. If it seems to be okay; it is your thick hair causing a lumpy base that makes your synthetic wig slides up.
  • Try wearing two wig caps instead of just one. Pin curl all hair using bobby pins. Try to keep your pin curls as flat as possible.
  • Secure your pin curls wearing open-end mesh wig liner followed by a regular wig cap. Both the wig liner and wig cap will hold your thick hair firmly.
  • Secure wig caps by using bobby pins. In absence of open-end mesh wig liner; you can back-comb your hair along the hair-line to create a texture. This helps bobby pins hold your hair firmly.
  • Now put your synthetic wig the way you do. Feel the difference!

How do you tackle wig sliding? What tips would you want to add in for a better experience of veteran wig wearers?

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