Thursday, 4 June 2015

Natural Looking, Easy to Manage Short Bob Dull Blonde Wig

This short platinum blonde wig is totally natural and fun. It comes pre-styled thus does not require trimming or shaping. This Lolita Bobo wig B is beautifully cut in U shape that delicately swoops forward at the both sides, gently touching your chin. Lolita Bobo wig B decently frame your shape and vows for doll-like facial contouring. 

The chic hair style features caramel/toffee low lights that add drama under certain lighting. The wig catches attention as it accentuates neck and add a soft impact. "I think this would look really cute with a Lolita outfit! This wig is targeted towards Lolitas, but it looks so natural it could be worn with any kind of outfit." 

Read detailed review of Lolita Bobo wig B by Sophie

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