Monday, 8 June 2015

Be Versatile with Circle Lenses & Wigs

Circle lenses and wigs both help you completely transform yourself as per the nature of the occasion. Circle lenses let you add drama to your eyes whereas wigs help to completely change the way you look. Lenses and wigs go hand in hand for cute or cosplay get-ups. A wise selection of wigs and circle lenses would help you enhance your personality. If you want to stay in the limelight without an over-whelming effect; stick to the wigs and lenses that are closest to your eye color & hair. For instance; Mikasa Ackerman cosplay wig provides a soft dolly effect with Dolly Eye Ice Melon grey.

Mikasa Ackerman black wig is incredible in quality and has got jet black, heat resistant synthetic fibers. The wig is super soft, appealing and comfortable to wear. It fits nicely without any heaviness on scalp and is light in weight. Check out real life Mikasa Ackerman wig pictures.  

On the other side, if you are up for a scary-self, choosing to wear Crazy lenses will blow everyone. The reptilian circle lenses are striking because of the color they boast. They define the fire spitting dragon eyes- totally freaking & loud. The vivid yellow & orange tint make several of the jaws drop! Geo Crazy SF82 Dragon Eyes lenses help you achieve the eyes of your favorite horror character. 

Below is the video guide on everything about Geo Crazy Halloween lenses. Do not forget to check it out for further insight on the lenses. 

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