Thursday, 4 June 2015

Soft Natural Looking Lenses that Go Perfect with Both Light & Heavy Makeup

Choosing circle lenses have been a troublesome job for many of us. While some people would prefer a huge collection of circle lenses to compliment their different sides of personality; others would simply look for the lenses that would go perfect with both casual & heavy makeup looks. I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 20 Melon are soft & classic melon green lenses. These  lenses add warmth, depth and magnificent galore to your eyes. I-Codi melon green lenses look beautiful against both light and heavy bold makeup looks.

"Probably my favorite thing about these lenses are the color! They really are like the color of a Watermelon ha! There are three tones that go from a very blueish green into a slightly darker green, with a natural looking black outer ring. Since the black outer ring is has a soft fade in effect, it gives these lenses a really natural look! So far I have worn these lenses with both natural looking makeup and very heavy OTT makeup, and they look great with both!" ; opines Sophie in her review of I-Codi Colors of the Wind Melon 20.

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