Saturday, 27 June 2015

Stay Alert & Aware from Counterfeit Contact Lenses

It comes as no shock that beauty accessories are replicated around the world widely for mass distribution. What hold our nerves, are the counterfeited contact lenses. Since contact lenses are more than just beauty accessory, sub-standard contacts may lead to painful eye conditions & to even permanent blindness. Colored contacts are attributed to personality enhancement; they are actually medical devices that should be purchased only after enough contemplation.

It was reported that last year, Law Enforcement services seized 74 locations for allegedly selling counterfeit contact lenses in U.S. Majority of the seizures were either novelty shops, local optical shops or over the corner beauty-supply stores. People need to understand that contact lenses are not worth risking your vision. Substandard tinted lenses available at flea-shops might be cheaper, very cheaper than branded and FDA approved lenses but they run risks of great damage i.e. vision loss.

Fake contact lens fading the dye: Source

When purchasing contact lenses; always make a thorough research. Check the credibility of the supplier from various sources. The safest mode is to make your purchase online. Not only; it provides you a pleasing shopping experience right in the comfort of your couch but also help you discover countless options. The open market let you compare price & quality whereas you can also get to know about the authenticity of your product by checking third party reviews.

Counterfeit contact lenses cannot be detected at the bat of an eye. They almost look like the real deal with holograms & registered logos printed on the packaging. The solution, they are stored in carry the risks of dangerous bacterial accumulation that makes them threatening for safe wear.

Contact lenses let you play with your looks but your vision must not be compromised. Always, check from where your supplier has sourced the batch. Make sure what you are paying for is what deserve to go in your eyes!

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