Friday, 19 June 2015

Raizou Cosplay with ICK Gaudy Blue & Okumura Rin Cosplay Wig

Raizou from Litchi Hikari Club has got bold large eyes and short black hair. To create a Raizou inspired look, Anzu our cute brand ambassador paired up ICK Gaudy blue lenses and short Okumura black wig. 

ICK Gaudy blue lenses are super alluring and vibrant. Despite being vivid they blend against light colored eyes beautifully and ensure breathtaking dolly eyes. The lovely pattern and the hues together strive to impress you. On the other hand, Okumura Rin cosplay wig is short black wig with layers that are emphasized at tail over the nape. Other than styling the bangs, the wig is a pure relief since it is easier to manage and light in weight. 

For more pictures, please pour in some love to Anzu by reading her ICK Gaudy blue & black cosplay wig review

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