Saturday, 6 June 2015

I.Fairy Ash Blue against Gorgeous Beige Wig

These sparkling blue circle lenses add a glossy finish to your eyes. They are super bright and vibrant and stand true electric blue against dark brown eyes. The enticing pattern of I.Fairy Ash blue surrounded by solid black pattern creates an illusion of gorgeously bold eyes. The dolly enlargement & the shimmering touch make your eyes sparkle. 

I.Fairy Ash blue looks immensely vibrant against platinum blonde wig. The contrast is really breathtaking. The wig is lace front wig, super soft & gloriously thick. The color is natural looking & appealing to eyes. "It became one of my favorite in all my collection, the color is so beautiful and natural but still really special, the fiber is so smooth and easy to comb, the lace front is really well done, you totally can't see it's a wig! It also has a sort of plastic fake scalp as you can see in my pics to make it more natural! If you're searching for a really good quality lace front wig for cheap price I recommend this one for sure, it's available in other colors too!"

More stunning pictures available here in the I.Fairy Ash blue & Medium Beige wig

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