Friday, 26 June 2015

Wear Beuberry Cherry Grey against Blue Eyes for a Beautiful Transition

These impression making grey circle lenses stand dominantly against light colored eyes. Beuberry Cherry grey circle lenses have strong pigmentation that let them stay true in both light and dark eyes. The pattern is interesting that ensures a soft puffy transition. Beuberry Cherry grey circle lenses create an illusion of dolly eyes with its 16mm enlargement effect.

Unlike most of the circle lenses, these circle lenses are good at covering the entire iris. The pupil hole is large enough to let you see but do not allow your natural color to show through. Beuberry Cherry grey circle lenses make you look young and innocent due to the presence of strong outer bold ring. 

"These lenses are really comfortable to wear! Like, really comfortable. I have a lot of different lenses and this line is among the most comfortable to wear, despite it's larger diameter! I can't even notice I'm wearing them they feel so natural, even after longer periods of time~"; writes cosmicprince in her review

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