Friday, 26 June 2015

Sick of Crazy Lenses that Spin? Try Phantasee Crazy Dragon Lenses Instead

You might have heard about how some reptile contact lenses spin absurdly. You do not need to flare-up any more, as we have got just the right crazy lenses for you. Phantasee Crazy Dragon lenses neither spin nor create blinding eye. They do not interfere with your vision at all and stay comfortable. The 3 loud hues red, yellow and black create outstanding illusion of fire-spitting dragon eyes whereas the vertical pupil slit makes them look horrifically gruesome.

"They are 14mm, so they don't enlarge your eyes much. The size is perfect for me, since I will use them for Son Goku (Saiyuki) in his demon form and I needed the smallest lenses I could find. " Read more of the detailed review and clear statement about the lenses here

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