Sunday, 14 September 2014

Is it Necessary to Wear a Wig Cap with Synthetic Hair Wigs?

How to wear a Wig Cap- Step by step

The basic purpose of a wig cap is to protect your natural hair from breakage and damage. Though some people do not prefer wearing a wig cap underneath a wig, the opposite however has brought about positive feedback in regards with comfort, security & peace of mind.

A wig cap that is made of nylon mesh-weave let you wear your own hair under a wig peacefully. It allows breathing, keeping your scalp getting greasy & prevents your hair from turning dry.

Why Should I Wear a Wig Cap?
  • Wearing a wig cap is essential if you have long and thick hair. It helps you securing your hair under it, covering all the wisps, flyaways & even irregular bangs.
  • It flattens your hair to provide a rather compact & smooth appearance for your wig to rest on. This way a wig gracefully grips your scalp and limits fidgeting.
  • If your hair are too short (pixie cut or a boyish cut) to be tucked under a wig cap, it is probably indicating that you can safely skip it.
  • Wig cap reduces friction between your natural hair and wig. This it prevents thinning of hair
  • If you wear a wig daily for longer durations, a wig cap is 100% essential. Choose a wig cap that provides you with a comfortable wearing experience than turning your scalp scratchy, itchy or opposite.

A wig cap vows for a better fit. People wearing caps underneath wigs opine that it greatly enhances their appearance plus it becomes easier to conceal the stray hair strands under it with a wig. Even with all of the said benefits, wearing a wig cap is completely a personal preference. It should neither feel lose, nor tight- just feel secure and snug. If it makes you feel happy, go for it. If does not, feel free to skip it.

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