Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Christmas Makeup Ideas: Role of Big Eye Contact Lenses in Glam Looks

Christmas is approaching slowly with all the snow and chills. How about getting a sexy makeover this Christmas to melt-up the surroundings? The warm seductive make-up look boasting big eyes loaded up with thick false lashes will draw attention of the crowd for you. Below we are going to share the “Secret of wearing Sexy Glam Christmas Look”

You need big eye contact lenses along with your other makeup accessories

  • Be a Chic this Christmas: Find a Focal Area of your Face
Before you start; look for the area you want to focus at your face. Be it eyes, lips or your cheeks- Choose it wisely and choose one. Don’t go applying makeup haphazardly all-over your face. Keep it light elsewhere except the focal area. Wear big eye contact lenses if you want to see a change in your looks. Doesn’t matter if the eyes are not the features you want to focus at. Just go naked eyes with big eye contact lenses and whoa! Spell-bounded, aren't you?

  • Achieve Sultry eyes: Use Big Eye Contact Lenses
Smokey eyes are the only answer! Go deep with charcoal color and see the magic. Hang on; choose your big eye contact lenses wisely. If you are wearing

1. Grey big eye contact lenses with greenish tone then golden smoky/ bronze smoky makeup will add a sexy charm to your eyes.

2. Brown big eye contact lenses look heavenly with any kind of makeup. Dark charcoal smoky look or a glittery-makeup; every makeup looks ‘just perfect’

3. Light color circle lenses such as blue big eye contact lenses and green big eye contact lenses may get their soul-mate look when worn with multi-smoky look. Play around with colors; just a bright color at the center of your eye-lid to make them pop-out is the real secret of a sexy look.

  • Pouty Lips

With the approaching autumn; it is chocolate, berry, sultry brown and carmine that makes its way to your makeup pallet. How about being different this year? Wear HOT RED for lush lips and say it all. Red lips are a festive-icon and attention grabbing.

  • Bright Cheeks

Peaches and plums for a subtle sexy look!

It is no harm following “Fashion Divas” for your special day or makeup recommendations as long as you are not over-shadowing your personality. Just be yourself and walk proud- Leave the rest on your big eye contact lenses; as they alone can make you look confident and gorgeous!

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