Friday, 10 October 2014

3 Things that Damage your Synthetic Wigs

3 Things that Damage your Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic hair wigs are economical than human hair wigs. They last longer than natural wigs and make it easier for you to style them. Synthetic wigs are good to invest in but few careless practices can shorten the life span of your wigs by damaging the beauty.

1. Heat: Even those synthetic wigs made from 100% heat-resistant fibers can be damaged from excessive & harsh heating. Be very careful when you are about to face the heat exposure. A heat-resistant synthetic hair wig can be dyed, curled & ironed but caution should be demonstrated as heating the wigs repetitively make them lack-lustrous, dry & brittle. Furthermore, heat-treating wigs bring irrevocable style-changes; making it impossible to bring the wig back into the factory-built style & shape.

2. Shampoos & Conditioners: Avoid shampoos and conditioners meant for natural hair wig. They can be harsh on synthetic fibers and some chemicals or ingredients can make those fibers melt or go gooey.

3. Hair Brushes & Combs: Synthetic wigs should always and only be brushed using a wig brush. The normal brush can tear the fibers, therefore use only a wired-brush i.e. specially manufactured for combing synthetic wigs

Synthetic hair wigs are cooler and lighter in weight than natural hair wigs. It is easier to maintain synthetic wigs. These wigs if taken care of can last you quite long, some says even more than a year. Keep your natural hair clean and shampooed when wearing synthetic wigs to prevent your wings turning soiled earlier than expected.

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