Saturday, 4 October 2014

Things to Consider while Styling Synthetic Hair Wigs: Curling & Ironing Synthetic Wigs

Wigs made from 100% heat-resistant synthetic fiber can be safely styled using heating tools, yet concerns should be paid at the time of styling synthetic wigs. Synthetic wigs keep the memory of style, wave, curl & volume until you heat-treat it. Therefore, think twice before making your mind for styling synthetic wigs.

5 Things to Consider when Styling Synthetic Wigs

  1. Brush your synthetic wig gently using wig brush to remove any teasing or tangles.
  2. Do not heat your synthetic wig for a prolonged period of time. If you have temperature control styling tools; you are more likely to get a fruit-full result.
  3. When curling synthetic wigs, hold on to it till few seconds until you get a baked-in curl. Let your curls cool down for 60 seconds before swishing through it for further styling.
  4. When straightening, treat an inch of a hair flick at a time. Do not run your iron more than twice on the same flick to prevent it from being lack-lustrous.
  5. Styling and use of heat-friendly tools may make your synthetic wig look dry or frizzy. To keep it new; treat it, using this DIY synthetic wig softener.

Synthetic hair wigs made from 100% heat resistant fiber give you an extra oomph over natural hair. Moreover, when you are cracked up with the same style for over the ages; you have liberty to go crazy with new styles by employing synthetic wigs in routine.

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