Friday, 24 October 2014

Celebrities Spotted Wearing Crazy Temporary Lip Tattoos

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Cross the limits, go all punk & crazy with fun-colors; since now is the time to blaze up with temporary lip tattoos. Temporary lip tattoos add intense drama to your lips & give them a new feel to enhance the pout & kiss. These sucker violent lip tattoos have also been sported by celebrities, helping to entertain your mouth the craziest way possible.

Lip tattoos are available in wide variety of patterns from glitter to plain Dracula black or bride red. Employing glitterati and printed lip stickers is a boisterous way to match your outfit with. They help you flutter like a butterfly and let you incorporate cheetah look with leopard print lip stickers. Top stars love to make public appearances with sparkling lip tattoos on. The trend, since after receiving the endorsement from celebrities has been in the limelight; and is going to stay in hype for years to come.

Celebrities Wearing Lip Tattoos:

Lady Gaga

Playboy Model

Kim Kardashian

Kelly Rowland

Amber Rose wearing Blue glitterati lip tattoo

Temporary lip tattoos ensure a satin-glossy finish. They contain vitamin E that keeps your lips hydrated. Glam up yourself with that sexy, plump & luscious pout- these lip stickers are perfect to for a notorious Halloween meet up, romantic night outs, bachelorette parties, cold-night bonfires & dance/ prom competitions. Do the dare!

Bonus Tips:

Avoid consuming oily foods as oil removes the appliqué.

·         Take your drinks through a straw than sipping directly from the wine glass.

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