Thursday, 30 October 2014

Mikaze Ai Cosplay Synthetic Wig

Circle lenses: Beuberry MI blue

Mikaze Ai has short hair tied at back in a pony tail. Her turquoise hair color makes it difficult to find a wig that would be suitable to cosplay her. Uniqso, however is an exception. This Mikaze Ai cosplay wig is made from 100% synthetic fiber and is pre-styled. The bangs and the pony tail makes it easier for you to wear Mikaze hair in no time. 

The color is very nice and vibrant. Above all, it is accurate to the character's hair. The wig has soft and silky-straight fibers. It adjusts to even the smaller head sizes. This wig neither feels too tight nor very loose. It is just accurate to fulfill the needs of a cosplay.

More details can be found in Mikaze Ai Cosplay wig review

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