Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Zabuza Cosplay Circle Lenses: Dolly Eye Ice Melon Grey

Zabuza Cosplay: Dolly Eye Ice Melon Grey

Zabuza needs lighter colored grey eyes that look natural yet piercing enough to create a meaningful chracter. To cosplay Zabuza; Dolly Eye Ice Melon grey circle lenses could be a wise choice as they deliver fanciful yet envious results. These circle lenses are almost translucent and contain no rough and tough or intricate designing details. These lenses remain sheer grey and produce outstanding mesmerizing results against light colored eyes.

Dolly Eye Ice Melon Grey Circle Lenses Closeup

Dolly Eye Ice Melon grey tend to only enhance your eyes and look very very natural. The enlargement effect is very minor as they are only 14.5 mm diameter. Unlike other circle lenses they lack outer limbal ring which make them stay natural and subtle.

"These circle lenses are perfect for a discrete change. The color blends 
with your natural eye color and gives to your eye a lighter color, very 
nice and natural.  I think these lenses are perfect if you want to 
lighten your look, without noticing you're wearing circle lenses ! " 

Zabuza Cosplay PhotoShoot with Dolly Eye Ice MelonGrey

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