Friday, 10 October 2014

World Sight Day: Observe Precautions with Contact Lenses

World Sight Day: Precautions to be made by a Contact Lens Wearer

WHO in collaboration with ‘International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness’ is observing “World’s Sight Day” today on 9th October. Approximately 285 million people worldwide live with low vision and blindness, of which 39 million people are totally blind. Fortunately, 80% of the blindness is treatable and can easily be prevented- for instance; vision impairment induced by the improper usage of contact lenses.

The several seminars and workshops organized in different parts of the world will highlight the importance of healthy eyes, and contemplations will be made on the prevention from the dreadful vision impairment. By modifying our ways of lives & introducing hygiene; world can beat formidable vision threats.

People using contact lenses should be very concerned of what they are putting in their eyes. Cheap, over-sized and over-the-counter contact lenses run the risk of blindness that often is irrevocable in severe cases. Since prevention is better than cure; it is advised to not to involve yourself in following bad practices as a contact lens wearer.

  • Do not share your contact lenses
  • Do not wear any contact lenses that are not FDA approved.
  • Do not wear contact lenses past their expiry.
  • Only use eye drops that are approved to be used with contact lenses.
  • Always disinfect contact lenses after each wear.
  • Do not wear lenses with superficial damages such as scratches and minor notches.
  • Do not re-wear contact lenses that were in your eyes when an infection hit them
  • Never let water come into contact with your lenses. Do not shower, swim or enjoy a hot tub wearing contact lenses
  • Do not sleep in contact lenses.
  • Do not soak your contact lenses in saliva or water ever

Vision impairment induced by contact lenses is fortunately too rare to affect only 6 in every 100,000 contact lens wearers globally. Circle lenses should generally be no threat to your vision provided you are diligently taking care of your eyes. They are medical devices and so should be handled accordingly. If you are a frequent contact lens wearer; check this comprehensive guide on the usage of circle lenses .

How are you safe-guarding your eyes? & what safety precautions do you take to prevent vision-loss?

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