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Unicorn Lady Makeup Tutorial using Silver Wig & Star Blue Lenses

Unicorn Lady Makeup Tutorial using Silver Wig & Star Blue Lenses

Unicorn is a legendary, mythical creature of medieval lore. It is considered an animal from God; that is why unicorn is very magical with a bewitching and mesmerizing beauty. Unicorn makeup look can be improvised for Halloween using simple makeup accessories. This ‘Unicorn Lady” makeup look will outshine others at Halloween; as you go out at the big eve to stun others with your mystic galore.

Unicorn Lady Makeup Tutorial

Unicorn’s coat is often moonlight-silver. It shines in sunlight too much to let others stare at. Unicorn’s eyes are blue with a purple haze. The combination of translucent silver mane and blue eyes is truly breathtaking & magnificent. Get your finishing touches ready with this silver wig & Barbie star blue lenses that compliment the blingy feel of the creature.

Makeup Steps:

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  1. Put on Barbie Star blue circle lenses
  2. Prepare your face by applying moisturizer, primer and foundation. It is advised to use a lighter tone of foundation or preferably a white aqua color to create a thin white veil on your face. Remember, unicorns are translucent white?
  3. Using a patting motion, apply translucent powder lightly. Apply rosy-pink blusher softly at the apples of your cheeks.
  4. Apply silver highlighter at your eyelids, preferably with strong pigmentation. Now apply blue eye shadow and blend it well.
  5. Using a concealer, or white fantasy-makeup make small white dots around your eyes.
  6. Wear ultra long and thick false eyelashes, specially designed for heavenly & breathtaking looks.
  7. Paste diamante or rhinestones.
  8. Wear rosy pink lip gloss  & finish your look with long silver wig that resembles unicorn’s mane.
  9. Accessorize yourself accordingly.
Unicorn Lady Makeup Tutorial using Silver Wig & Star Blue Lenses

You can sport an “alicorn” for an extra edge but that’s totally optional. This makeup look is prepared under low-budget and requires simple makeup skills. Purchase Unicorn silver wig and Unicorn circle lenses for a mind-blowing Halloween experience.

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