Monday, 27 October 2014

Contact Lens Cleaner Machines Offer Rapid & Quick Cleaning of Contact Lenses through Ultrasonic Waves: A Must-Have ‘Cleaning Kit’ for Halloween

Contact lens cleaning machine quickly and thoroughly removes contamination, making it a must-have for cosplayers who own a number of pairs & need deep cleansing of contact lenses but are too busy to manually clean them.

Ultra sonic contact lens cleaning machines offers the complete removal of stubborn contaminants from the surface of contact lenses through non-audible sound waves. Contact lenses are immersed in solution & a brushing/ scrubbing effect is produced through high frequency sound waves for thorough cleansing.

Meticulous cleansing of contact lenses is crucial to eye health. Wearing contaminated circle lenses run the risk of contact lens induced injuries & may lead to permanent visual impairment or complete blindness. Though manual cleaning & disinfection followed by gentle rubbing is enough to get rid of the bacteria & protein debris; ultrasonic cleansing becomes necessary when there is an increased exposure of contact lenses with external agents such as face paints, SFX cosmetics & glitters etc.

  • Nearly 125 million people around the globe wear contact lenses out of which 93% of people fail to diligently cleanse their contact lenses.

It is to note that people find it difficult to disinfect contact lenses that they have been using on daily basis. When there is a question on cleaning of single pair of contact lenses then how can it be ensured that cosplayers having dozens of pairs would take the pain of disinfecting each pair individually? In such cases, this automatic cleaning machine comes forwards as a promising investment that would continue to save your time for at least a year.

Courtesy: Neo Karyn

Ultrasonic contact lens cleaning machine is a travel-sized kit, containing forceps, contact lens case and a mirror. All you need to do is to press the start button, sit & relax with a cup of coffee until the automatic machine thoroughly removes every bit of dirt, debris & protein contamination. 

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