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Halloween Lenses: Can I Custom Paint SFX Contact Lenses Myself?

Halloween Lenses: Can I Custom Paint SFX Contact Lenses Myself?

Yes, you might be pro at fine arts with good grip at painting medium and brushes.  Because, you are an artist you want to design your contact lenses by yourself to procure a “signature feel”. Contact lenses are prosthetic medical devices either prescription or non-prescription. Therefore, hand-painting them yourself at home is nothing but recklessly daring.

Undoubtedly custom-painted contact lenses bear a hefty price tag-because, hand-painting contact lenses, is not as easy as it may sound.

It involves clinical procedures where the “hand-painted” shield of iris is incorporated between two soft hydrophilic layers.

This “laminated-construction” prevents the dyes used; to come into contact with your cornea that as a result eliminates any chances of poisonous contamination. 

Halloween Lenses: Can I Custom Paint SFX Contact Lenses Myself?

Hand-painting contact lenses require skills, experience & above-all “FDA licensing” to do it the right way. Even the dyes should be FDA approved. These dyes are not available for sale without obtaining the respective ophthalmology certifications. The entire procedure of customizing contact lenses is practiced in “state-of-art” labs under hygienic & sterilized environments to protect the bacteria contamination.

Customization of contact lenses should never be done at home as it is certain that doing this will damage your eyes.
Such theatrical & strongly opaque customized lenses are actually meant for the movie industry where the producers behind the project can actually fund the entire process.

If, you want a pair of novelty contact lenses; you already have infinite opportunities to make your dream come true. There are thousands of exciting designs available including reptile contact lenses, vampire contacts & crazy UV lenses that glow in the dark to take your costume a level ahead. 

Special effect contact lenses make the huge world of a difference, but custom painting them at home should never be considered as an option. You only have one set of eyes and no costume is worth the risk of damaging them. Beware, it is fun to intimidate others but not at the cost of your vision. Only wear authorized novelty lenses to stand out from the crowd.

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