Friday, 10 October 2014

Top 4 Crazy Lenses for Halloween

Top 4 Crazy Lenses for Halloween

You might be collecting spooky ideas for the most terrifying eve of the year. Though you can count on Halloween accessories when it is about concocting a horrific look; the importance of crazy Halloween lenses cannot be subsided. Crazy Halloween lenses spice up the entire crazy look for a hair-raising feedback. We are listing below the top 4 crazy lenses from past 3 years’ sales, to spark your dreadfully frightening Halloween ideas.

1. 22MM Sclera Lenses (Full Eye Lenses)

Who on earth would deny the blood-curdling fear induced by sclera lenses? These strongly pigmented crazy lenses are able to cover your eyes fully, to send shivers down the spines of the on-lookers. Crazy sclera lenses are suggested to those dare-devils who would not fear to walk alone at the spookiest night ever.

2. White Out Crazy Lenses

Get set ready for a zombie walk. The constellation of zombies, ghosts and skeletons is bone-tingling and gruesome. Add some drama & stand up to the expectations by sporting whiteout crazy Halloween lenses. Available in variations, white out crazy Halloween lenses are one of the most-promising lenses for an epic Halloween eve. 

3. Blood-Red Crazy Lenses
The aura created by blood red crazy lenses needs no introduction and supporting elements. They themselves are flesh-crippling & spell carnage. For an outstanding Halloween appearance, nothing can be as gruesome as these lenses. Either be a vampire, Dracula, a hag, or get into any other ghastly character, red crazy lenses are definitely to rescue your ideas for an appalling thrill!

4. Yellow Crazy Lenses
Create a mellow drama with yellow lenses. The eerie midnight ghoul and the shaking coffins as the moon comes out at Halloween scream for all the werewolves, dead creatures, and dreadful animals to spread across the lands for a mysterious & fear-mongering evening. Sport yellow crazy lenses to define your class & be the part of the proud Halloween lore.

Halloween is more fun that fear. It is all up to you if you want to depict the crazy side of your personality through crazy Halloween lenses or opt to not to break the sweet-shell of your introvert personality. If you want to stay fairy or angel, these soft Halloween looks will definitely ignite your creativity.

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