Friday, 31 October 2014

3 Witch Contact Lenses from 3 Disney Movies: Crazy Halloween Lenses

Through the poignant hard-work of decades, Disney continues to perpetuate its soft image of “love, joy & happiness”. However, at the same time Disney has also ingeniously created most repugnant, heinous & evil antagonists carrying malice & loath. Witches from Disney movies sometimes draw more attention than the protagonists of the respective movies. Halloween is the best time to pay tribute to your favorite villain of the Disney though witch contact lenses.

The Evil Queen Grimhilde from Snow White

“Mirror, mirror, mirror; who is the fairest of them all?” is probably the most famous dialogue of a Disney witch that has been preserved in our minds from our baby-hoods for the years to come. The evil queen from “Snow white & seven dwarves” has shrill & piercing lemon-green eyes that are as fierce as are her expressions. If, at this Halloween you find that someone else’s beauty is surpassing yours; fear not & craft your evil-looks using “Phantasee UV Glow green crazy lenses” to get hold of your fading beauty.

The Witch from Disney Movie Brave

This good-willed, absent-minded and funny witch from the Disney movie “Brave” is famous for having big bulbous gold eyes at a wrinkled face with sagging cheeks. She is a wood-carver & uses her magic to sell her crafts. Her floating weapons, animated broom & her pet raven assist her with her spells. Sport Phantasee Gold Gaia crazy lenses to achieve the similar shaggy and protruding eyes.

Abigail Williams from “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”

She appeared as a minor antagonist in 2010 Disney film, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. She has demonic personality and has bright red shimmering eyes that look like a hot-burning coal. The radiant red eyes can be incorporated using Geo Color Nine Dark red circle lenses.

Disney movies have given us so many moments of laughter & joy; where we have cherished both the evil & good memories. If you fancy characters born under the flag of Disney; nothing can be as perfect occasion to cosplay them as is Halloween. Make a selection of crazy Halloween lenses to reflect your love for your favorite Disney character. 

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