Thursday, 16 October 2014

Shiro Cosplay Wig & Circle Lenses

Shiro Cosplay Wig from "No Game No Life" is a beautiful blend of blue and pink synthetic fibers. The wig is super long i,e, 100 cm and lustrous that makes it match the cosplay needs. Despite being longer, Shiro cosplay wig is nothing hard to maintain as it is manageable and very soft. Brush it gently to remove the tangles & store it braiding to prevent frizz and tangles. 

Shiro Cosplay wig is not pre-styled; giving you the freedom of styling it as per your requirements. Furthermore the wig is made from 100% heat-resistant fibers which let you curl it without the fear of damaging the fibers. It has an antenna tied with a mere rubber band with bangs that need to be trimmed as per your own features. Take it to the stylist or do it yourself if you are pro at it. 

Shiro Cosplay wig

Shiro cosplay wig has excellent vibrancy that makes it look magical especially in the photo-shoots. If you are waiting for your Halloween inspiration, you might want to pair the wig with I Fairy Dolly+ brown circle lenses to complete your Shiro cosplay. 

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