Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Its Halloween: Beware of Fake Contact Lenses

Fake contact lenses

Crazy contact lenses make your edgier over others by adding a finishing touch to your costume. Crazy lenses are famous round the year but at Halloween an elevated demand for crazy contact lenses is observed every year. Doctors; therefore, warn to stay away from fake crazy contact lenses as they are vision-threatening & injurious to the safety of one’s eyes.

Fake contact lenses are often imported from China. Unauthorized vendors disseminate these threatening Chinese contact lenses to flea markets, beauty salons, novelty shops and gas stations. Fake crazy contact lenses may be cheaper than regular FDA approved lenses, but it sends shiver to consider them worth a try just for saving few bucks. Crazy contact lenses cost $19 and up. Anything below this price range should ring the bells for you.

Halloween Lenses Black
Intimidation is fun but not at the cost of your eyes

Fake crazy contact lenses risk permanent visual impairment. They are not constructed in compliance with health & safety standards of FDA, leaving your eyes vulnerable. Furthermore, they are not sterilized to be liable enough to get into your eyes. Low grade Chinese lenses that have been stocked from China even contain expired contact lenses that instigate corneal abrasions, ulceration or complete vision loss.

Intimidating others at scariest evening brings fun moments to share with friends. However; let us not allow fake crazy contact lenses to trespass the rest of our lives. Don’t be infatuated with the cheaper versions of lenses. Spend (if you can); your eyes are worth it.

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