Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Geo Berry Cessy Grey for Natural & Soft Looks

Geo Berry Cessy Grey for Natural & Soft Looks

These circle lenses are beautiful three tone grey lenses. They are one of the most natural looking circle lenses and deliver ahmazing results on both light and dark colored eyes. The best part of Geo Berry Cessy circle lenses is the yellow-orange inner ring that surrounds the pupil. It helps blending your natural eye color with the color of lenses thus look very natural. 

Geo Berry Cessy grey circle lenses have no bright or sparkling hues, therefore they do not stand out much. This makes these circle lenses perfect for those people who do not want to add a drama. " And again they are just perfect for daily use. Although the colour isn't as vibrant, the colour these grey lenses make on brown eyes is a lovely medium-dark grey tone. It also doesn't cover your natural colour as much so you can partly see the brown through it."

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