Sunday, 19 October 2014

Annabelle Cosplay Lenses to Haunt this Halloween

Annabelle Cosplay Lenses

Crazy contact lenses with their wicked patterns & whacky styles do add a gross-frightening effect to your entire Halloween costume. Without sporting crazy contact lenses; you are often missing at the point. Being timely and being unique; draws attention. Therefore, getting into an Annabelle makeover with Annabelle cosplay lenses at this Halloween will haunt your foes in their dreams.

Annabelle- the sequel of the movie “The Conjuring 2013”, has been released just very recently and is spreading fear among the teen-agers in the theaters worldwide. Annabelle- the doll seems to have possessed eyes, enough to send a shrill wave of terror down to your spine. With Annabelle cosplay circle lenses, you have the opportunity to give goose-bumps at the big eve where fun meets the real-life horror.

Annabelle eyes are over-amplified as if bursting already with demonic energies. Her over-emphasized pupils reflect the cunning trap of her persona whereas her wicked grin holds you a silent victim. To replicate her eyes, get hold of I.Fairy Hanabi Gold circle lenses. These circle lenses have a large pupil hole with a swirly-like-pattern serving as an outer ring. The enlargement effect is very abrupt with 16.2mm diameter. Revive your costume with Annabelle cosplay circle lenses to send the signals of terror at the darkest of the dark night.  

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