Tuesday, 21 October 2014

ICK Petal Blue Lenses with Long Green & Short White Wig

A thoughtful combination of wigs & circle lenses can entirely change the way you look. Wigs and circle lenses help people play around and experiment with different styles, to every day surprise the people in a new way. Continue to read below how you can change your personality with comparatively natural looking ICK Petal blue lenses and wigs in green and white.

ICK Petal blue circle lenses are perfect for light colored eyes. They are way too natural looking on light eyes and appear to only enhance them. They have a huge pupil hole so people with brown eyes can take these circle lenses as an opportunity if they want to create a donut effect. ICK Petal blue circle lenses do wonders when worn with Silver/White short wig. To achieve boyish looks these lenses can be paired with Isana Yashiro cosplay wig. The wig itself is very thick and comes unstyled. This is a plus point as you can style the wig the way you want. The wig has laser layers and is very short & pixy.

On the other hand ICK Petal blue looks truly mesmerizing when paired with green Vocaloid Miku Wig C. The wig is long, super sleek and shiny with two pig tails that can be separated. The lenses have a tendency to change the color slightly depending upon different lighting conditions and the surroundings. With green wig on, they turn their shade from blue to green to look totally breathtaking yet natural looking. 

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