Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Halloween Mad Clown Makeup Tutorial using Crazy Contact Lenses & Wigs

Scary clowns are the paramount characters of horror movies. Since Halloween is around the corner; passers-by at streets have already started observing menacing clowns holding weapons and machetes to intimidate the group of teen-agers. To get yourself dressed-up into one; nothing can be as a better occasion as is Halloween. Using Halloween crazy lenses, specialty wigs and SFX cosmetics; you sure can go out, chasing wandering groups of teen-agers and children. Be sure; not to scare them too much to be harmful.

For impersonation; you will need huge supply of special effect cosmetics namely; contact lenses, wigs and camouflage makeup.

Planning your Makeup: Using Paper Face Chart

If you are not a professional makeup artist; you might have rarely heard about paper face charts. Paper face-charts are used by professionals that let them plan any specific makeup look before they could try it on a real-life model. Designing your ‘special effect makeup transformation’ at a face-chart saves time by making you less frequent at washing your face over & over again when going through trial & error phase.

Step by Step Makeup Tutorial: Mad Clown

Courtesy: Makeup Artist- Sumibunny
  • Cover your eyebrows with eyebrow wax.
  •   Apply a very light derma color or any greasy makeup with a lot of coverage to the eyebrows and the rest of your face using a sponge.
  •    After fixing the wax and the makeup with loose powders cover your face with white aqua color.
  • Design the eyebrows using pink cream makeup or if you don't have any, use a pink lipstick. Also paint the nose and the star using this same material.
  • With a blue pencil draw two lines in the nose.
  • Highlight the star and the lines with white aqua color.
  • Give some volume by adding a darker pink eye shadow to the lower side of the nose.
  • Paint a small light point in the nose.
  •  Do the structure of the eye makeup using purple and blue cream makeup and a black pencil.
  • Fix everything with loose powders and remove the excess of product.
  • Apply purple and blue eye shadow and blend.
  • Add fake blood to the eyes and the nose.
  • Fill the black of the eye with eyeliner; don't forget the lower side of the eye.
  • Cover the lips with white aqua color.
  • Shape the lips with a black pencil; you can use a beveled brush to help you with the smile.
  •  Fill with black eyeliner.
  • Add blood to the lower lip and let it drip! 
  • Contour the face with a grayish brown eye shadow.
  • Wear your favorite Uniqso Halloween contact lens and wig.
  • Add the fake eyelashes. Multiple eyelashes can be joined to get a voluminous frightening wild-eye look.
And done, time to scare! Happy Halloween

Horror clown wearing a mysterious wide smile and casting terrific gazes will be a pettiest revenge this Halloween against those who tricked you last year. 

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