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Spooky Fun: Take Care of your Eyes this Halloween

Spooky Fun: Take Care of your Eyes this Halloween

Novelty contact lenses are fun to wear as they add new dimensions to your costume. From blood & gore vampire contacts to glow in the dark werewolf eyes, crazy contacts have been helping people to achieve mind-boggling transformations for the Halloween. Decorative contact lenses should usually be no threat to eyes, but since they are medical devices, care should be taken when sporting crazy lenses.

Decorative Crazy Lenses: What to Look For?

Crazy Halloween lenses may pose great risks to your vision if they are purchased from beauty salons, flea- markets and unauthorized novelty shops.

  • Before trying crazy lenses get a comprehensive checkup from your ophthalmologist to see if your eyes are fit for crazy lenses.
  • Always buy branded FDA approved Halloween lenses as they are made from quality dyes, using sandwich print technology that does not let dyes fade in to your eyes.
  • Furthermore, FDA approved lenses are soft, sterile & made from hydrophilic material that stays moist in your eyes to prevent any corneal scratches & burns.

Wearing Halloween Circle Lenses: How to Take Care of Eyes

Spooky Fun: Take Care of your Eyes this Halloween

Though wearing FDA approved crazy lenses cut down several risks, concerns should still be paid. Especially, if children insist to wear crazy lenses, take note of the following things:

  1. Eye Makeup: Only use FDA approved cosmetics to create special effects around eyes. Do not use lipsticks and blushers to create fake-blood effect as some of the cosmetics are not FDA approved. In case of dripping into eyes; they can cause infections.
  2. To remove makeup, use makeup wipes and cleanser instead of soap & water. If makeup gets into eyes and creates itching, immediately remove decorative lenses & wash it off with cold splashes of water.
  3. Take torches with you to illuminate the sidewalks and pathways. Watch your steps as you walk to prevent accidental tripping. Avoid carrying spears, knives and blades as they are hazardous and carry risks of poking.
  4. Carry a contact lens travel-size kit with a mirror. If something gets into your eyes, instead of rubbing your eyes mad, it is advised to put them off.
  5. If wearing sclera contact lenses, stay very careful. Do not wear them for more than 4 hours. They obstruct the field of vision, therefore the chances of staggering & resultant injuries increase.

The risks associated with novelty and decorative crazy lenses are directly connected to the improper usage & failure to proper maintenance. Upon noticing unusual symptoms in your vision; immediately seek ophthalmologist’s help to overrule the risks of any serious, vision-threatening infections.

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